Main innovation
Internal digitalization and implementation of a service business model.
Demand covered or opportunity created
SALICRU has detected that clients do not only demand equipments but also, depending on the application or the use that each client gives to this equipment, there is a growing demand of related services.
Innovation process
The process is split in different stages and the company is still in a preliminary phase. Firstly, the company focused on implementing connectivity skills, and they created a platform that is IoT compatible. Afterwards, SALICRU focused on getting as much information as possible from their equipment directly to the cloud.
The investment is based on two different approaches. The first one is to acquire new technological capabilities, new tooling, like SGA. The other investment has to do with the deployment of new equipment, native connected.
The company is already having some results like full functional manufacturing digital lines.



SALICRU is a technological company that designs, manufactures and sells Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems.

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