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Spanish technology for electricity and energy
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Includes the following types of products:




Distribution, measurement and protection transformers, rectifiers, converters, power supplies, stabilized and power reactors. Electrical distribution. Measurement and control. Automatic detection and cutting systems.

Electric conductors. Cables and wires: industrial and domestic. Insulators and insulators. Cable management systems.

Enclosures, cabinets, boxes, panels. Air conditioning of electrical equipment.

Technical lighting.

Electric generators and generator sets.

Small electrical material for domestic installation.

Industrial control and automation.

Evolution of the Spanish exports

(10 main export destinations)


Main tendencies within the Spanish sector landscape

Energy efficiency and sustainability

Efficiency is an increasingly important factor in terms of competitiveness. In advanced countries it is a requirement of governments and consumers. Many developing countries, so far more flexible are already beginning to regulate.


The proliferation of local solar plants and the advances in storage technologies are favouring the diversity of smaller and more agile energy suppliers with more efficient supply and distribution network. They are small producers who consume their own energy and sell the surpluses.

Service-based business models

Product-based business models increasingly include services as differential and added value, including them more frequently in their core-businesses: engineering services, consulting and analysis… Users value these services more to the detriment of products purchases that are easily substitutable.

Data-based Energy

The digitisation of the energy sector has led to the development of intelligent automation, which is essential for managing distributed energy resources. With Edge Computing, devices can process data closer to where it is created.

Change in the relationship with the consumer

New technologies, such as smart meters, are essential to transform the relationship between customers and their energy use, helping them to know what the actual consumption of their activity is as well as how they can be more efficient and even, advance or prevent dysfunctions.

Wireless remote transmission

It is an area of very active research due to its potential to provide high technology to our daily lives. The use of this technology will spread and the biggest challenges are long-distance wireless charging and the safe deployment of its application to the industry.

Main competitive advantages of Spanish companies

Spanish companies stand out for their close relationship with the customer and the ability to customize their products.


4 key points summarize the competitive advantages of Spanish companies:


  • Latest technology showcase.
  • Innovation at its highest performance.
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability as one of the main lines of work.
  • Customer proximity and loyalty.
  • Tailored solutions for each project.
Why should you cooperate with a Spanish company ?

Spanish manufacturers of electrical and energy technology are flexible and its products present solutions for a wide range of sectors.


Spanish companies have state-of-the-art technical and technological equipments, and an important commitment to R + D + i. These attributes allow them to work ahead of time offering innovative and competitive solutions to each client.


The flexibility and the proximity to the customer allows them to offer a personalized solution to each need.




Main values of the companies




Our companies are defined by sharing a common philosophy and values, which differ from other sectors. These soft skills that characterize our companies are: ­


  • Passion for innovation and commitment to continuous improvement. ­
  • The concern for sustainability and circular economy, which has led Spanish companies to make their products more and more efficient and durable.
  • Customer proximity, where trust as the basis of the relationship. ­
  • Responsibility, ensuring safety at all times.
  • Tailored solutions for each project.


In short, our companies are defined as a ‘positive industry’, in other words, an industry capable of contributing to our society and to our environment.






We can highlight world leading companies in practically each of the types of solutions in the sector.

It is a dynamic and modern sector aligned with the latest trends such as:

The circular economy

Energy efficiency



New markets


New Materials