Main innovation
A new integrated energy management system enabling the configuration directly from the factory to make the installation easier for the installer, and the configuration easier for all the data required.
Demand covered or opportunity created
Technologies are facilitating and requiring more information and faster information than before.
As a consequence, the necessity of innovation is coming from the integration of various elements, in order to control and analyze remotely. After talking with some of their customers, Circutor identified that they could achieve the same with a single, unique system.
Innovation process
It took around 15 months to launch an operational system. However, the process is continuous and will never end as the customers' requirements are always in movement: Even if several customers share the same problematic, each of them will ask for a specific configuration, different from the other ones.
Around 15 engineers and a total investment of around 600.000 euros
Circutor is constantly attacking different segments and technologies of the sector. In this current period, they are focusing on control and improvement of energy consumption.



CIRCUTOR is a Spanish manufacturer designing and producing units for energy efficiency improvement: electrical energy and power quality measurement and control units, industrial electrical protection, reactive energy compensation and harmonic filtering, smart electric vehicle charging and Renewable Energies.

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