Main innovation
Connected lighting
Demand covered or opportunity created
LEDS C4 noticed by collecting and analyzing information related to lighting, temperature and occupancy, that they could give a lot of value to their customers.
Innovation process
The process was to experiment, to test, and to analyze a lot of data. The company was supported by local and international partners. That partners were specialists in IoT and data analysis.
The innovation process took nearly two years. At the beginning, this project was carried by a single person, but the team has grown and currently comprises 5 members.
The conclusion of the project was that connected lighting can save up to 80% of the energy consumption.

The company has applied this innovation in a coworking space in Barcelona, in Glorias Tower. LEDS C4 has installed a lot of IoT sensors, and has designed, developed, and supervised the entire connected lighting. This way, they have enhanced users’ comfort, optimized the maintenance and made energy saving possible.
LEDS C4 is focusing on the quality of lights. Lights can enable functional, emotional, and biological. They are studying dynamic lighting, and the different spectrums that they can create in order to adapt to different applications.

The company is also working in 3D printing and searching for new materials and eco-friendly materials to develop a new generation of products.



LEDS C4 is a lighting company, that designs, develops, and sells lighting products.

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